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There's a chill in the air and students across Saskatchewan are back at school. This has us reminiscing about all of the hard work done by our SARCAN Summer Student, Sidney Dirpaul. Sidney came to us in early May and we put him to work immediately! As you know, SARCAN has a rich history in Saskatchewan. We have been around for over 27 years, and in this time we've accumulated countless photographs, videos, advertisements and more. One of Sidney's tasks for the summer was to find a way to digitally archive these diverse files. No small feat! In the post below, Sidney shares with us what he learned and achieved when it comes to archiving nearly three deacdes worth of materials:

Archiving: Digital Spring Cleaning

The purpose of archiving is to store and organize assets like documents that aren’t needed for immediate or frequent use. Archiving is a long-term storage solution for assets that you want to keep, but have them out of the way and all in one place. In a business setting that deals with hundreds of thousands of documents, videos and photos that span over decades, archiving is essential to maintaining an organized workplace to increase productivity and reduce clutter.

As we are in a digital age, archiving assets on a computer platform is the best way to store things like documents and pictures. Finding and managing assets becomes much easier and less time consuming by converting from physical to digital formats. Instead of having to look through a dozen binders of corporate for one page you could simply type in a search to instantly find what you’re looking for.

However, when deciding what to archive there will probably be some things that you don’t really need and want to get rid of. There should be a few guidelines in deciding what is worth keeping and what is not. While it is mostly common sense to keep the good ones and get rid of the bad one it is important to keep in mind what you archiving and who/what you’re doing it for. If you’re archiving pictures for a business you should know what the business’s goals are and keep the pictures that show those goals being achieved or other milestones.

Let’s use the two pictures below as examples, the one on the left is a good example of one you would want to keep, it’s an award presentation marking a milestone in someone’s career as well as being a quality photo that is clear, straight on and obvious who the focus is. The photo on the right is a bad photo to keep; an unmarked building and a few cars with no clear focus and doesn’t have anything relevant.
















This is what SARC did for archiving its corporate photos and documents. A framework was developed over the summer and the process of archiving those hundreds of thousands of photos and documents is ready to begin. Many photos have already been sorted, digitized, named, and compiled into the new archive. While it will take time to fill the archive, it will be a big help for keeping corporate assets organized.


--Sidney Dirpaul


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