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Grand Openings Galore Tuesday, July 5th, 2016
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By: Sydney Smith

The last two weeks have been pretty incredible at SARCAN. We had grand openings in Indian Head, Watson, Strasbourg and Buffalo Narrows! We had so much fun celebrating these new depots in their respective communities. We got to meet so many wonderful local people who came out to support their new SARCAN, get tours and, of course, enjoy some cake with us! The folks that work at these depots are amazing! There was community spirit and pride evident at each location. Here's a bit more about each one. 

Indian Head

Lisa, Sherry, Kevin, Bob and Carter had the new depot looking like a million bucks! The celebrations kicked off at 11:00am with the local Indian Head Scouts hosting a hot dog and drink fundraiser sale. At 1:00pm, we started the official ceremony with a speech from SARCAN's Director of Operations, Kevin Acton, then the depot staff gathered to officially cut the ribbon. It was a beautiful day, so the whole event took place outside, in front of the depot. After the ceremony, everyone was invited inside to enjoy cake and coffee and take tours of the depot. 

While attending the grand opening, we had the opportunity to learn about the history of SARCAN in Indian Head. The original owner of the Indian Head-Wolseley News was in attendance, and he told us all about the beginning of SARCAN in 1988. The original depot was located in the back of the newspaper's office! It moved to Dewdney Street, the main street in Indian Head, in the early 1990s and was there until very recently when the bright, big, brand new depot opened right off Highway 56. 

Congratulations to Lisa and staff for your new depot, and for putting on such a wonderful grand opening celebration! 


Shelley, Anne and Linda are the smiling faces you see when you return your beverage containers to the new Watson depot. They are also the smiling faces that put on a fabulous grand opening celebration!

The depot has all kinds of things to engage kids in recycling, including a play area and mini aprons for the kids to wear when they are getting a tour of the depot. Shelley has gone above and beyond to make the recycling experience in Watson an enjoyable one. She even has information about what different recyclable materials turn into on the walls at the depot!

The Watson crew did a wonderful job of decorating the depot and hosting the community to see the new facility. They even had a homemade cake! Way to go, Watson, and congrats on the new depot! 


Wanda and Daisy at the SARCAN depot in Strasbourg are two mighty women! Together, they decorated the depot and made it sparkle for the big grand opening celebration on June 22nd. We were blown away by the fact that they managed to fit the whole town into the depot! There were so many people that came to support Wanda, Daisy and the SARCAN depot, we were beyond impressed. Not only was it the grand opening, but it was also the birthday of SARCAN regional manager Kevin Kaschl, so the whole grand opening audience sang him Happy Birthday! It was really fun, and really nice of Wanda and Daisy to share their big day wtih Kevin ;)

The new depot in Strasbourg is right next door to the old depot, but you wouldn't even know it if you came there for the first time! The depot is sparkling clean, and very spacious. They even have an electric forklift now, so they won't have to load their trailers by hand anymore... the end of an era in Strasbourg! 


Buffalo Narrows

Where can we even begin with Buffalo Narrows? This one was special because it was the first time we've ever done a Grand Opening that wasn't a Grand RE-Opening in an existing SARCAN community in close to 20 years! The depot was sparkling, and we were told right out of the gate that it always looks that good! This grand opening was about community. We were treated to homemade bannock and chili made by Buffalo Narrows cashier Cindy McCallum. Yummy! Then the festivities began, and our hearts were full of pride. From the Canadian and Metis flags hanging on the walls, to G-R-A-N-D O-P-E-N-I-N-G spelled out in cans hanging from the roof, we knew that anyone who walked in that depot that day couldn't have helped but grinned!

We met local officials from the Town and from the Economic Development Corporation, and we got to meet local elders and respected community members. Buffalo Narrows itself is a gorgeous community. The natural beauty and relaxed vibe made it extremely difficult to leave after the celebrations were over. It will be a day to remember for years to come in Buffalo Narrows, and with that we extend an official WELCOME to our newest family members way up north!

Congratulations, everyone, on your new depots! We were so lucky to celebrate with you!!

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