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April 22, 2013 is Earth Day! Over one billion people across 192 countries are celebrating and honouring our planet in diverse ways. In Seoul, South Korea, citizens are participating in Earth Day walkathons and dancing to "Gangnam Style" in an Earth Day flash mob. In Veracruz, Mexico, volunteers with Tortugas Fundacion Yepez are cleaning up beaches to protect the habitat of sea turtles. Thousands of people are gatherin in Milan, Italy to learn about environmental issues at the Earth Day Italia Festival. That is just a sampling of all of the festivities going on across the globe - what are you doing to celebrate our planet today??
This is a particularly exciting Earth Day for us, as 2013 marks the 25th Anniversary of SARCAN Recycling. Employing people of all abilities has been at the forefront of the SARCAN operation since day one, and the dedication of SARCAN staff is remarkable—this year’s Employee Recognition Day will feature the inaugural 25th year award, where over 100 staff will receive long-term service awards, and over a dozen staff will be honoured in the new 25 year category.
It truly pays to recycle at SARCAN. With the introduction of the curbside recycling programs in Saskatoon and Regina, residents will have more options for ensuring recyclable household materials stay out of Saskatchewan’s landfills. Customers can continue to separate beverage containers from other household recycling and bring them to SARCAN to receive deposit refunds.
So, if you're not in South Korea, Mexico or Italy, and you're wondering what you can do today to show that you care for the Earth, why not make a trip to your local SARCAN to recycle your containers, electronics, and/or unused paint? These small steps go a long way to make Saskatchewan (and the world!) a greener place!
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