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Many Happy Returns! Wednesday, May 8th, 2013
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A Quarter Century of Recycling 

It is so hard to believe that SARCAN Recycling has been part of our Saskatchewan communities for 25 years.  In some ways, it feels like we've been part of small town main street for longer than that, and in other ways, we wonder where all the time has gone!

The changes that have occured in recycling in 25 years are almost as prolific as the changes that have been made to computers in this time. SARCAN went from giving you a nickel for your cans in 1988, to taking over 20 different kinds of beverage container types today.  From plastic to glass, and with tin and tetra in between, there is so much more that happens at the depot and in the processing plants then there used to be.  So many of our staff are long-term employees who have lived to see how far we've come, one can at a time. 

We are looking forward to lots of celebrating this upcoming summer.  From local events, such as customer appreciation days, to bigger celebrations, and a media campaign, SARCAN will be around Saskatchewan this summer.


SARCAN customers are quitessential Saskatchewan residents; from families, to university students, to farmers and ranchers, sports teams, scouts, guides and many more, SARCAN has helped benefit people in Saskatchewan to do something a little special and extra with their deposit refund money. 

A quarter century of recycling in Saskatchewan would not have happened without YOU, so thank you, and many, many happy returns!

Throughout all the changes we've seen from 1988, our message has always stayed the same: it pays to recycle at SARCAN!


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