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We recently wrapped up our province-wide CREW Training, a one day session that focused on renewing our commitments to providing great Customer Relations and remaining focused on all levels of Employee Wellness.  We had great attendance and participation at all 12 of our sessions, and we want to share some of our highlights.

Our morning started with a discussion on providing great service to all of our customers.  We learned that there are eight simple keys to providing great customer service at SARCAN, which were:

  1. Having a positive attitude at work
  2. Be helpful
  3. Provide quick service
  4. Keep the depots clean
  5. Be accurate
  6. Work as a team
  7. Have fun while at work
  8. Go above and beyond our customers’ expectations

We went through several activities and had discussions about each of these keys, and how they affect our customer’s perceptions.  We even set up a chute in each of our training rooms to demonstrate real depot situations, and some groups even had the opportunity to act out how they would deal with particularly difficult customer situations






















Our favorite activity of the morning was a creative one.  We asked all the groups in attendance to design a poster that demonstrates SARCAN’s commitment to customer service.  Every group heard the description of the activity and immediately responded with sighs, moans, or even glares.  Once the initial shock was over the amount of creativity and insight into our recycling business was astounding.  It was amazing to see that almost every single group had a different way to communicate how and why customer service was so important to our business.  While it was really to pick, some of our favourite posters are below:





















































In the afternoon we focused our attention on employee wellness, particularly on the subjects of workplace safety, making sure our bodies are warmed up for work, and healthy eating.  We were joined by Trent Fletcher, SARCAN’s Manager of Occupational Health and Safety, who helped us with identifying hazards in the workplace.  We went over the core functions of our jobs, from lifting to using a pallet jack, and then we discussed safe working procedures for each of those functions.  We then talked about how to properly warm up our bodies for work, and how to keep them loose and limber throughout the day.  We played a game to demonstrate the most important stretches for the jobs that we do, which we call the SARCAN Ten.  Everyone really got into our stretching game.  



























Our 2015 CREW Training session was an opportunity for our depots to come together and learn about how to keep SARCAN a great place to work.  While CREW Training was designed as a learning opportunity for depot and processing staff, we as facilitators learned a lot as well. 

  • We learned that SARCAN employees are some of the most dedicated and knowledgeable people working in the recycling industry.  SARCAN employees really know how to do their jobs well.
  • We learned that SARCAN has some amazingly creative and outgoing people working at depots across the province.
  • We learned that we are an extremely diverse group of over 650 people, and that our diversity brings with it a wealth of knowledge, understanding, and skills to our 71 depots and 2 plants.

We as facilitators had a blast meeting with everyone across the province, from Prince Albert to Carlyle.  We are already looking forward to CREW Training in the future!

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