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SARCAN is very pleased that Saskatoon has officially launched its curbside recycling program, Saskatoon Recyles, and Regina will follow suit shortly, having their program ready to roll out in the Spring of 2013. There are so many important reasons to recycle, especially household plastics and paper that SARCAN does not accept. Things like wrappers, toilet paper rolls, laundry detergent conatiners, etc., take up a lot of room in household trash, and diverting more recyclable materials from the landfills makes SARCAN very happy. 

But what about deposit beverage containers?

Customers pay deposits on beverage containers when they initially purchase the beverages. As such, customers are rightfully entitled to their deposits - if they want them back. If customers prefer to put their beverage containers in with the rest of their household recycling, they are more than welcome, it just means that they will forego their deposit containers.

SARCAN will still operate just as before, with four locations in Saskatoon and five in Regina. Customers are still encouraged to bring in their recyclables, or even donate their containers to community fundraiser bottle drives for local kid's sport teams, grad committees, 4-H clubs, etc. If customers prefer the ease and convenience of putting their bevarage containers in the curb-side, the money will be kept by All Green (the contracted curb-side provider). If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us. Click here to see SARCAN's official News Release from November, 2012.

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