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Welcome educators, parents and kids!

This section of our website is designed to provide hands-on, interactive tools that you can use in your classroom or at home to teach all about the importance of recycling at SARCAN, and what kind of useful, everyday products our beverage containers become.

These materials are designed to interact with tours of our depots. To book a tour in your community, please visit our Locations page to find the closest depot to you, or email us at

For Students

For Educators



How SARCAN Recycles: The Incredible Journey of a Beverage Container

This video takes you on the journey of recycling a beverage container. The video starts at home, then transforms the beverage containers into the different recycled materials they become. From new beverage containers to automotive carpeting to fleece clothing, and much more, find out what happens to your beverage containers, and learn about the journey they go on!



Life Cycles

Download these process flows to show how beverage containers become different useful products, and a brief explanation of how they get there. From the store through to the new product, these beverage containers take a journey.

SARCAN Life Cycles