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Bring your milk containers to SARCAN for deposit refunds!


Milk containers are now part of Saskatchewan's beverage container deposit system.

Products that can be recycled at SARCAN include:

  • Milk
  • Buttermilk
  • Cream
  • Fluid coffee cream
  • Lactose-free milk products
  • Drinkable yogurt

The following products are not considered to be “fluid milk” and do not have deposit refunds:

  • Any product, packaged in either a frozen or non-frozen format, which requires one or more additives to transform it into a ready-to-serve drink (frozen juice concentrates, etc.)
  • Baking ingredients (condensed or evaporated)
  • Infant formula
  • Products labeled as meal replacements
  • Sour cream
  • Regular yogurt
  • Non-fluid coffee additives (coffee whitener)
  • Pre-whipped whipping cream
  • Single portion cream containers with a volume less than 30ml 
  • Industrial milk bladders 

These dairy products can still be recycled through municipal household recycling (ie - curbside or blue bins).

In addition to adding milk container recycling, deposit values have also increased for juice boxes and tetra cartons, as well as larger sized plastic and aluminum containers. Learn more about it here

For more information about this change, please click here.

To read the news release from the Government of Saskatchewan regarding milk containers and increased deposits, click here